Newsletter plugin 4.6.12

We released version 4.6.12 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin just now!

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

This update includes a whopping 44 changes made based on user feedback and requests as well as much needed improvements and bug fixes. It took some time to make all of these wonderful changes so I hope that you will enjoy them! Check out the release notes of version 4.6.12 for a detailed list of changes.

New Feature Highlights

Here is a list of some of the most important new features added:

WooCommerce products in newsletters

Easily display WooCommerce products in newsletters to your subscribers. With WooCommerce plugin and our Newsletter plugin, you can use a simple shortcode inside any newsletter to display WooCommerce products in a beautiful grid layout. To display products in a newsletter, you will simply insert the newsletters_woocommerce_products shortcode into any newsletter or newsletter template.  It will work with any newsletter template since it is automatically styled for you and it is very user-friendly.

The shortcode is flexible so you can display latest products, featured products or best selling products. You can also specify the order in which to display products, the number of products to display and the number of products to display per row in the grid layout. More information about this amazing feature is available here.

Multi-threaded queue to send emails faster

New multi-threaded queue feature under Newsletters>Email Queue  sends 3 times faster than usual. The engine behind this feature makes it possible to send many emails in a much shorter time.

Import subscribers for deletion with a CSV

Bulk deleting subscribers has never been easier. You will find this useful feature under Newsletters>Subscribers>Import/Export. All you have to do is upload a CSV file which contains subscribers’ email addresses and hit the “Delete Subscribers” button.

And many more features… a total of 13 new features added in this release.

Important Improvements & Fixes

We included several essential improvements and fixes as well:

  • Show only sent newsletters with newsletters_history shortcode enhancement
  • Load online newsletter on newsletters archive
  • Cache video URL data for faster sending
  • Faster importing of subscribers in the background
  • Optimize slow queries
  • “Manage Subscribe Forms” link inside admin widget setup
  • Subscribers list shows wrong number of subscribers
  • reCAPTCHA not always showing
  • Queue sends too many emails at a time bug
  • DKIM private key box is empty
  • and much more…

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