Newsletter plugin 4.6.19

We released version 4.6.19 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin just now!

This update includes whooping 23 changes made based on user feedback and requests as well as much needed improvements and bug fixes. It took some time to make all of these wonderful changes so I hope that you will enjoy them! Check out the release notes of version 4.6.19 for a detailed list of changes.


New Feature Highlights

Here is a list of some of the most important new features added:

Extended Email Validation

The new extended email validation feature will check the DNS – MX Records – of an email address before it is added to ensure they exist. Additionally it will make a test SMTP connection to the email address to make sure it works. The purpose of this is to prevent non-existent email addresses from subscribing or being imported.

You can turn this feature on under Newsletters > Configuration > Subscribers > Subscription Behaviour.

Two Columns Layout in Form Builder

Enable/disable two columns inside posts/pages by ticking on/off the “Use two columns inside posts/pages directly in the form builder.

MailGun Email Validation

Tick MailGun Email Validation option to use MailGun email validation API to validate email address. This feature is available only for MailGun paid accounts.

And more features added in this release.


Important Improvements & Fixes

We included several essential improvements and fixes as well, such as:

  • Security fixes and improvements – A security flaw was found, but it is important to stress that thorough security audit was done and the plugin has now been updated to be rock solid and secure.
  • Logout on Manage Subscriptions page not always working
  • SG Optimizer memcached issue
  • Custom field shortcodes not replacing correctly on users/roles
  • and much more…


Get Version 4.6.19 Now!

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We have amazing support if you have questions or run into any sort of problems.

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