Newsletters 4.6.19 Release Notes


Release notes for version 4.6.19 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin.


  • Two columns setting and layout in subscribe form builder
  • Mailgun email validation
  • Extended email validation (DNS and SMTP connect)
  • Number and order settings for Insert Post to narrow


  • Update ChartJS to 2.8.0
  • Security: nonces for Ajax calls
  • Security: current_user_can for Ajax calls
  • Update CKEditor to 4.12.1
  • Use optin date for autoresponders delay
  • Integrate 3rd party CKEditor script inside the plugin itself
  • Fix About page layout for WordPress 5.2+
  • Prefill subscribe form with GET/POST values
  • Remove newsletter builder (beta)
  • Mailing list column in subscribers export
  • Error message at Auto Inline Styles if PHP DOM is not available
  • Validate the slug of custom fields, only lowercase letters


  • Security fixes and improvements
  • Custom field shortcodes not replacing correctly on users/roles
  • Auto Inline Styles not working in PHP 7.3
  • WPGlobus_Config_Builder::set_language() should not be called statically
  • Logout on Manage Subscriptions page not always working
  • HTML minifier breaks tracking image
  • SG Optimizer memcached issue

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