Newsletters – Convert Plus

We developed an extension for the Convert Plus plugin so that you can connect your Tribulant Newsletter plugin to it.


Convert Plus + Newsletters

Build lists of subscribers from your website for marketing, announcement and informational purposes.

With this extension plugin, you can capture email/newsletter subscribers from Convert Plus plugin popups into the Tribulant Newsletter plugin. It is very easy to use and Convert Plus itself is an awesome plugin so you’ll enjoy the combination of the two linked together with this addon/extension.

You’ll connect the Newsletter plugin to Convert Plus plugin with a campaign and then create multiple modal popups as needed collecting leads to the campaign and to the Newsletter plugin.

See the online documentation for requirements and installation instructions as well as animated screenshots to see how it works.


Video of Convert Plus + Newsletters

Here is a video to show you how to set it up and what the result is:


Get Newsletters – Convert Plus

You can get this extension from our website right now.

See the online documentation for requirements and installation instructions.

Get Newsletters – Convert Plus Now

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