Useful Tips for Running a Profitable Blog

Running a Profitable Blog
Running a Profitable Blog

Blogs are no longer something that is few and far between. You can find one on every corner of the internet offering different types of information. While some people start a blog for hobby purposes, others are out to run it like a business. The good thing is that there are presently so many successful blogs out there that have paved the way and provided prototypes of what a successful blog looks like. With that being said, perhaps you’re thinking about how you can turn your blog idea into something profitable. Here are useful tips for running a profitable blog.

Clearly Define Objectives 

Firstly, if you want your blog to be profitable, treat it as you would a business. It’s unlikely that any person that hopes to run a successful business would start without clearly defined goals. Think about what it is you want yourblog to achieve in terms of impact and financial gains. 

You can then break these goals into short, medium and long-term goals. When setting objectivesyou want to make sure that they’re SMART so that they’re tangible, easy to measure and also attainable. 

Improve Content Creation Skills 

Content creation is a skill that can help you get the level of success you want. Good content is still king in the digital work, so here are a few ways to improve your content writing. 

  • Get Better at Writing:Writing content is going to be a major part of your money maker as a blogger, so invest in improving this skill. One way to do this would be towrite your articles and then print them out during the editing phase. This creates the opportunity for you to read your work out loud and identify any major areas for improvement. You may, therefore, need to invest in a printer that is economical and inexpensive. You can get a supply of branded ink from Cartridge People at affordable rates too.
  • AnalysePerformance:Analysing your performance is so important during the process of content creation. You need to see which content was engaged with most and why, as this will help you the next time around. You can usually use tools like Google Analytics or a stats plugin you can get via WordPress if that’s the platform you’re using for your blog.
  • Study Competitors:Your competitors are sometimes able to tell you a lot about your audience as well as what content they like to engage with. Pay attention to their best performing posts based on shares, likes, and comments. This could give you clues as to why their content does so well, andthese are tips you can go on to use. 

Choose the Right Plugins 

This was mentioned briefly earlier, but plugins are relatively important, especially when you’re running your blog via WordPress. They can serve a number of purposes such ashelping to protect you from security breaches or checking for broken links. One of the best WordPress plugins is said to be Yoast SEO to help with search engine visibility. Gravity Forms is also said to be doing well which is best if you want to give people a way of contacting you via a form.


Search engine optimization should be a priority to anyone thinking about running a successful blog. Although social media can help with visibility, good SEO can drive the right types of people to your blog far more consistently. To improve blog SEO, optimize your entire site and do an audit regularly. Always look for new keywords and focus on solving problems by providing solutions.

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