Shopping Cart plugin 1.7


Version 1.7 of the  WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is a minor release containing some much needed fixes, improvements and new features to our users.

See the detailed release notes on this release for a list of additions, improvements and fixes to the update. Let’s go through some of the highlights quickly:

New Feature Highlights

Here are some of the highlighted, new features in this release:

WordPress Dashboard Widget


Your WordPress Dashboard now has a widget named “Checkout” which will show a full overview of your shop. It has a chart/graph which shows sales with their taxes, shipping, totals, etc. The widget also shows the latest orders and some general counts like products, categories, suppliers, etc.

PayPal Payments Advanced extension plugin


The PayPal Advanced extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is a payment gateway extension which is installed additionally. It allows you to sell on your WordPress shop using your PayPal Advanced or PayPal Payflow Link account with ease.

reCAPTCHA Security Image for Registrations


This is simply a security measurement on the “New Customer” tab/section of the checkout procedure where your new customers register. It uses the reCAPTCHA security image by Google to validate registrations and prevent automatic, spam registrations.

Regional Shipping by Country/State


You can now create multiple shipping rates, each determined by a country and/or state combination. This can be configured under Checkout > Configuration > Calculations. Shipping differs based on the destination of the order so this is a must have and a very useful feature.

Overview Chart Date Range & Year/Month/Day Reports


The overview chart/graph of the Shopping Cart plugin has been an extremely useful tool to most of you to be able to see what your sales look like over a period of time. It is now even better with the ability to select a to/from date range and also to display the sales by years/months/days. Give it a try, it is awesome!

Sortable Columns in all Admin Sections


Sorting records by certain values is a must have and it has now been added to the Shopping Cart plugin. In each of the sections in the WordPress Dashboard under the Checkout menu, you can now sort most of the columns according to your needs. The sorting works in conjunction with the search, paging, etc. so that you can see the records you need to, when you need to.

Negative Variation Options


Product variations and their options has been an essential part of most of the WordPress shops we’ve seen our customers create. The only problem was that product variation options were simply just values added to the product/item of the order. You can now select between a positive and negative amount for each variation option. So if you want an amount/price to be deducted from the product based on a selection that can now be done.

Important: PayPal IPN Update to HTTP 1.1


PayPal has announced an important update to their IPN protocol a while back.

They are updating the HTTP protocol from version 1.0 to 1.1 so your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin needs the necessary code to keep functioning correctly.

We posted a PayPal IPN Requiring HTTP 1.1 blog post with all the details. If you upgrade your Shopping Cart plugin to version 1.7, the needed code is included and you don’t have to do anything else.

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Existing Customers

If you have already purchased the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin in the past, you don’t have to purchase a new license again. You can head over to the downloads management section and get the latest version. In case your download expired, you can renew it for a small fee and keep upgrading for the renewal period.

New Customers

If you haven’t purchased the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin yet and you’re looking at buying a license, you can get it directly from our site. You may use the coupon code “2013” for 10% discount on your purchase today. We have a 7 day satisfaction refund policy as well.


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