How To Optimize Your WordPress Website For Voice Search?

How to optimize your WordPress website for voice search.

Penning down the words:

Richard Adler, Distinguished fellow at the Institute for the Future quoted, “AI, Voice response, telepresence VR and gamification techniques will come together to create powerful new learning environments capable of personalizing and accelerating learning across a broad range of fields.”

Instance in the same breath:

A rare bird who is tyro in using a smart phone will find difficult to type and search. Rather than giving him long monologue, it’s sagacious to suggest about the voice search.

What is the difference?

 An equivocal question- How does this make a difference?

Suppose, I want to search about “The properties of water”. Whenever I will type, I will basically use the main keywords- ‘Properties’ and ‘water’.

Whereas, if I ask Google to search the properties of water, it will become a korero with the machine. Therefore, it’s obvious I won’t be speaking only the keywords. If I am into a parley with a person I won’t be talking like, “Ice-cream?”. Rather I would ask, “Would you like to have an ice-cream?” This means, phrases or sentences will be spoken while interacting with the machine.

 Here I have spoken, “What are the different properties of water?”

If you compare both the screen-shots given below, the search results which are generated for both the processes are bit different, though it might not be the case always.

As seen in the image above, while writing, we linchpin only the main keywords that are in question.



In the image above, a voice search is used to find the properties of water. Therefore, while interacting with the machine, the phrase spoken was, “What are the different properties of water?”

Why voice search? Still doubts are not dispelled?

Voice search furnishes with the results for your searches at a gallop. Moreover it is more commodious to speak rather than to write. Voice search is more cynosure on queries rather than the typed searches which are more cornerstone on keywords.

Why optimization for websites is required?


One of the main fads in SEO for 2018 is optimization of websites for voice search. Therefore this makes WordPress development companies on toes to optimize with voice search to stay in market.

Due to whistle-stop internet browsing around the globe, the extensiveness of voice search has whirlwind tremendously due to the use of unrelated mobile devices. Whether you term as human tendency or fringe of time, people avoid typing.

Reality Check:

When you are in a conglomerated business and all you adopt is a web-based marketing strategy to expand sales and divert traffic, you need to tot up the doable elbow rooms for sparking up more and more leads.This will not only help you to stay  in the business but also would result your competitors to take a French leave and make  revenues that your business yens for.

Important Factors:

Imagine you visited a pizza restaurant. After your order you asked for extra cheese and any dip with it and the executive says that they have no facility as such. Would you prefer to keep it in your favorite list of restaurants?

From this we should make a note that your business should be a one-stop solution for your clients. If your website has no voice search, then SERPs won’t be displaying your website for the voice search results of the user. This will result in a loss of small business which would have been in your way.

Moving ahead with this rumination that now the reader’s are clear that why their websites need optimization for voice search.

This log is intended for people who are searching ways to optimize their websites for voice search specifically websites which are created using WordPress.

Few cardinal routes I have mentioned in this write-up that would definitely riposte your queries for the same.

  1. What is the role of Structured Data in Voice Search?

 With optimization of websites there is fountainhead of an important term known as structured data.

Let me make it simple.

Imagine you are searching for a gift shop near you.


 There will be list of gift shops near you. With that list you can view the contact details, address, ratings and timings of the shop. This is structured data.

Technically you can say that it puts up your intentions of searching to live which enhances your business.

  1. The game of page loading:

 As per study a page searched through voice search loads faster than the overall page. One of the sweeping factors in voice search SEO appears to be speed of the page.

Talking about wordpress, if you want your site to excel and be in hit list, you need to see whether your site loads faster than other sites. The plugins and the themes will decide the speed of your site in wordpress.



Image Source:

The image above is Astra which covers the theme part.

Some of the features are as follows:

  1. One stop solution for browsing, importing and customizing available sites.
  2. Feel revulsion towards coding? Then this is definitely for you. WordPress customizer allows you to change the design through a range of options without coding.

  1. C) Full-width pages can be created using Astra.
  2. D) A SEO friendly tool which follows best practices.
  1. Schema into scene:

Schema can be defined as an elucidate structure for your data. With schema, there is another term called as schema markup. Schema markup enables the data to be classified as people, places and things over the network.

As per study few online tools are listed to add schema to your website:

  1. Schema Markup Generator
  2. Schema Markup Validator
  3. SEMrush Site Audit Tool
  4. Content Markup Guide

A) Schema Markup Generator : Schema Markup Generator works as given below:


Image Source:

The first step is to select the type of markup from the given options like people, product, organization, etc you want to create. Then fill up the form as per the selected option. Here I have selected Person therefore the form generated is as per the requirements for the markup Person. On the right hand side you can see, whatever details you are filling into the form, simultaneously the code is generated.

After the schema is generated, press Copy to Clipboard button at the bottom.

Image Source:

Now copy the code into your website’s HTML.

B) Schema Markup Validator:

The steps for Schema Markup Validator are as follows:

Image Source:

Here you can see two options are present. First is fetch URL and second is Code Snippet.

We will see for Fetch URL.

Enter the URL you want to run the test on. Obviously the URL will be your website. After entering the URL, Click on the Run Test Button.


Image Source: 

The code is displayed on the structured Data testing tool as shown and is validated. If there will be any error in the code, it will be displayed on the right hand side.

If we want to use the next option of code Snippet:

Image Source:

Here in the given option just paste your piece of code

The click on Run Test Option you will get the errors/warnings count in the code as shown below:


C) SEMrush Site Audit Tool

Image Source:

The Semrush Audit Toolchecks for markups and informs about the percentage of your website uses Schema, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and Microformats.

As shown in the above screen shot, in the blank space where it is given Enter Domain, you need to enter your domain there and then click on the Start Audit Button.

Once you have entered the domain name, for instance I have taken the domain as, you get the result as shown in the screen shot below.

The audit is carried out under parameters like site health, warnings, errors, crawl-ability, performance, internal linking and so on.


Content Markup Guide

It’s ideal to use structured data for searching purpose. The reason behind this is when structured data is used, google is actually helped by the user more precisely that which data is to be searched and displayed. This is done by marking up the content properties and implementing relevant actions as per the requirement and necessity.

As per studyGoogle has a content markup guide for implementing Creative Work schema to acquire rich snippets. The contents which are fabricated specifically for recitation or for visibility or that are audible, are all subjected to markups. For example: videos can be marked up with creative work schema.

How Schema is important in optimization of websites with Voice search?

Since the main focus is to optimize our wordpress site with voice search, it’s obligatory to clout Schema markup (JSON-LD) within the bounds of your website

In amalgamation of marking up the key pages within the range, the desideratum of your business data to be apportioned across most of the verifiable sites on the web increases. Another vital factor is to dissect that the data provided by your business is unambiguous and undeviating. This is important especially during local SEO voice search. It relates directly to your Google My Business listing (GMB / Google Maps listing).

To be found on local search, the process you have to follow is as follows:

  1. Open the site:


Image Source:

  1. Since I want to get my business found on google listing, therefore click on start now. After clicking on start now, you will find the next page stating “What’s the name of your business?”. Write the name of your business and then click on next.


Image Source:

  1. Here the name of the business I am taking as an instance is “Puloma’s House of Bengali Curries” as shown below.



  1. The next page requirement is to enter all the details in the form about your business as given in the following screen-shot.



  1. Drag and Zoom the map position to get the exact location.



  1. Next, Add the category of your restaurant.



  1. Add contact details as per your business requirements.



  1. Lastly, verify your business with the mentioned benefits.



  1. The listing of your business is created now as shown.


Image Source:

As per research, JSON-LD is format which is put forward to put into practice for the structured data into your website.

For instance a restaurant describing their contact information via JSON-LD / Schema markup:

  “@context”: “”,
  “@type”: “Restaurant“,
  “url”: ““,
  “name”: “Puloma’s House of Bengali Curries“,
  “contactPoint”: {
    “@type”: “ContactPoint”,
    “telephone”: “+91-9423616745“,
    “contactType”: “Customer service”


The entities in the example above would be data points such as:

  • Type:  Restaurant
  • Name: Puloma’s House of Bengali Curries
  • ContactPoint / Telephone:  +91-9423616745
  • ContactType:  Customer Service.
  1. Friendship with your mobile phone:

Voice search is a feature which is mostly used by the mobile users. Therefore keeping this in mind it is obligatory that your wordpress website is mobile-friendly.

As per study, your website themes should have a responsive web design. If you are thinking about wordpress themes, then they inherent this property mostly.

To check whether your website is mobile friendly:

Click the link:-

Enter the WordPress site you want to check. Here I have used another site for instance.


Image Source:


As you can see from the screen shot given above, the site which was put to test is not mobile friendly. The two issues have been highlighted. The mobile view is also shown for the site.


Now days voice search has become the new talk of the technology town. The research scope in this field has been lucrative. The combination of semantic data with structured data has been making a name for oneself.

I have grounds for hope that this disquisition will help you to optimize your wordpress website using voice search. Follow these hacks and grow your business!

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