Top 10 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Themes For Your Site


Giving more value to a WordPress site is easy by adding some attractive WordPress themes to it. It will impact positively on the WordPress site by applying themes that will change in site’s design, layout, and overall front-end look of the site. Thus, the role of themes is significant for a site and can make it more influential and business driven for the owner.

There are many WordPress web development companies, which use fascinating themes for their clients’ sites to give them an eye-catching look. Even more, a WordPress site having additional themes are also liked and clicked by online visitors. Thus, the impact of themes on the site of same CMS platform can be positive.

There are many free and paid WordPress themes available online, which you can add to your business site. But it’s necessary to identify which are the best themes for your site that can make it more fascinating for the users.

Below are top 10 tips to consider while choosing the best WordPress themes for your site:

Stick to Simplicity


Most WordPress themes possess features like bright colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc. The themes having such features are often used on the site, but majority prefers to stick with simplicity. Try to pick a theme that holds simple layouts, and useful designs that can add more value to your WordPress site’s appearance and make it more user-centric too.

Go With A Responsive Theme


Whichever theme you select for your WordPress site, make sure it’s made completely responsive as well. Usually, most of the WordPress themes are responsive by default, but still you need to keep a check for this feature of the theme before applying it to the client’s WordPress site.

Useful Plugins


Pick the themes for your site, which support useful plugins to add. As a WordPress plugin allows you to add more features to your site. Hence, make sure that the theme you pick for your website is supporting to plugins too. Some commonly known WordPress plugins for site are W3 Total Cache, Gravity forms, Yoast SEO, etc. Use a theme supporting these plugins and give more flexibility to your site to do something additional with it.

Cross-browser Compatibility


As a user may use many browsers to access a site. Hence, it’s also necessary to check that a theme you pick for your WordPress site should be compatible to all browsers. Some commonly used browsers by users are Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. Make your theme friendly to all such browsers for better accessibility.

Search Engine Friendly


Make sure the theme you select for your WordPress site is SEO friendly. A quality theme can help in easy optimization of the site at major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. However, the WordPress web theme developers are supposed to develop themes, which give ease in site’s optimization over the web without disrupting its performance.

Ratings and Reviews


Try to pick the theme for your WordPress site which gets higher ratings and positive reviews by the users. It just brings you personalized suggestions about themes posted by different users online. Consider the positive reviews given for well-known WordPress themes by the users and go with them. Thus, it will help you at some extent in the theme selection process of your WordPress site.

Video Support


Adding videos to your WordPress site may enhance its credibility for online users. They will love to see videos deployed on the site time and again. So, pick the theme that supports videos and help to run them easily on the site. Also, a theme supporting videos can help in video resizing or editing to use on the WordPress site adequately.

Advertisement friendly


Posting ads on the site can also help in gathering more traffic online. As ads on any website attract online users easily and inspire them to click and view them at least once. However, it’s necessary to pick the theme that supports advertisement content or other ad attributes posted on a WordPress site.

Content Compatibility


Content on a site plays vital role in defining the meaning of the business type to the customers. However, it’s necessary to have a clear display of content on the site. For this, it’s needed to pick a theme for a WordPress site, which is compatible to the content of the site and helps in it’s clear display in original format.

Customization Options


There are many WordPress themes, which give you flexibility to do customized changes in site’s design, logo, layout, images, and other functionalities as well. Thus, it enables WordPress web development professionals to make necessary changes in the client’s site anytime, if it includes a relevant WordPress theme having customization options too.

Above are top 10 things, which you should consider wisely while selecting a theme for your WordPress site. However, it will help you make the site more user-friendly and business driven by selecting a relevant WordPress theme for it.


Do possible efforts in selecting a right fit theme for your WordPress site and enhance its visibility, and functionality for online users. Try to pick a well-tested and quality theme for the site that gives you flexibility to do customized changes in it as per need.

Author Bio:

Jason Larue is an experienced WordPress web development expert having ample of experience in developing quality WordPress sites and themes too. Besides, he has flair in writing articles and blogs on diverse web development topics for readers and help them understand how they can improve performance of their WordPress sites.

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