Useful Tips For Choosing A WordPress Theme

Proven Useful Tips For Choosing A WordPress Theme

With thousands of WordPress themes available with just a click, it gets perplexing to choose the one that is perfect for your website. While making your search, it’s more like making a commitment. In a way or other, it is almost like choosing your mate. You will remain together for quite a while, so better pick the best one for you.

When choosing your mate, no compromise could be entertained and same goes true for your search of the best WordPress theme available. As the considerations will vary from person to person; the requirement for the theme will also differ depending upon the kind of website to be developed. To help you choose the best WordPress theme for you, here are few tips that will help you make the right decision.

The Purpose of Developing Your Site

The selection of a theme depends much on the kind of website that you are going to develop. Websites do differ in their content, layout, and design, depending upon the kind of topic they have been developed for. While choosing the theme, you will come across a number of themes that have the appealing aesthetics; however, they might not prove to be as effective as the other non-aesthetic ones.

Price: Free or Premium

Premium vs Free

In the official WordPress directory, themes are available in two broad categories; free and premium version. Even free WordPress themes have exceptional functionality and the premium ones are just great to use. Free themes, sometimes, may not prove to be as effective as the premium ones and with this reason, it is a good practice to invest in premium themes rather than choosing the free versions. Premium themes will offer you more pros with updates, better documentation, ongoing support, etc.


The role of a proper navigation cannot be ignored when it is about developing a website. It also matters when you are looking out for a theme for successful development of your website. Thus, before you choose a theme to facilitate your website with exceptional navigational menu, ensure your theme has got the required elements that you are searching for. A structured navigation plays its exceptional role in winning over the clients’ hearts and it is advised to choose the theme that offers an exceptional navigation support.  

Theme Design Features

Theme Design Features

The functionality of each WordPress theme differs whether they are the simple looking ones or the very complex themes. Users generally settle for good looking themes without considering the factor that they have complex functionality. Because of their high functionality, it gets even more complicated to work with these themes. Thus, it is a better option to invest in a simple design that further offers the scope for customization and modification as well. Also, ensure that the chosen theme is compatible with all the browsers.


Exceptional themes do support websites and thus, you need to choose a unique theme for your website. It is true that a theme may prove to be outstanding for some websites while it fails to support the other. There may come compatibility issues and thus, it is important to choose a theme that offers enough support to your website. You may come across a number of free themes but they may have compatibility issues. Therefore, it is suggested to choose a theme carefully so that it could prove to be an investment.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatible websites ensure that your theme works perfectly well across all major browsers. The accessibility of your website will thus ensure its easy opening in a range of browsers that your users use. When your website easily opens in different browsers, it is sure to get much more visibility and further the required conversions. Gaining conversion is the ultimate aim of every website which is easy to accomplish with cross-browser compatible themes.


Responsiveness has now been considered as one of the most important elements to include while developing the websites. It is an element to ensure that your website is accessible through any website irrespective of the size of the device. People have their smartphones with them all the time and this increases the chances of your website’s reach to an extended number of audience. Thus, it is always a worthy option to choose a theme that has responsiveness embedded in it. It is not all to just choose the theme, try to check the effectiveness of the same on some of the exceptional responsive design testing tool.

Ease of Customization

WordPress Customization

A lot of themes carry customization dashboard. This offers an ease of making the direct changes to the dashboard. Such a dashboard also proffers easy coding opportunities to the new comers, which is a rewarding opportunity. More to this, themes that are easy to customize further provide the opportunity to choose the features that you wish to include in the theme. Thus, it is always beneficial to choose themes that are easy to customize.



Right from safeguarding the payment details of your users (saved on your website) to securing your website, secure themes are important elements to include in website development. It ensures overall website security, which is again important to ensure websites’ safety against hacking. A number of theme communities are there like ThemeForest that offer a complete preview of themes and thus, it gets easy for the users to decide whether they are willing to use the theme. A complete preview of the themes thus helps in knowing the pros and cons of the same prior to actually using them.

SEO Friendliness

WordPress themes play a crucial role in making websites SEO-friendly. A good looking theme may generate HTML tags that are poorly coded. This can affect the overall performance of websites on search engines. Thus, the key is to analyzing the source code before using them. This task may prove to be a daunting one for the beginners and thus, choosing the premium themes is the ultimate option.


Before we conclude the write-up, let us make it very clear that good looking themes may have poor functionalities and some free available themes may prove to be one exceptional. Hence, never judge themes depending on their looks. Rather choose the ones that suit more to the requirements of your website.

Author Bio:

Tom Hardy is a renowned WordPress website developer at Sparx IT Solutions and keeps on searching the innovative ways to improve the speed of websites. He also likes to share the researched knowledge with the audience through engaging blogs. 

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