Web Design Trends for WordPress in 2017

As the taste of the digital consumers evolves, it affects the web designing trend as a result. Irrespective of whether the trend is of a new or old origin, based on the effectiveness and convenience, some trends begin to fade away and some gain more and more prominence over the years.

With hundreds and thousands of new web designing fashions coming in every day, it may be hard for you to determine which one to opt for and which one to ignore for making your WordPress site/blog more effective.

To help you out with this dilemma, here are the top 10 web design trends that will surely rule the world of web in 2017:

1. Large Typography

The use of large typography is one of the various web designing trends that is sure to show an extreme increase in usage in 2017.

With a considerable change in the screen size of various devices, more and more factors are indicating to the fact that the use of large font style in custom imagery has come here to stay for a while and will keep on increasing.

More and more websites turning their likeness towards large typography signifies nothing but its growing impact in the world ofcreative WordPress sites.

Large, striking fonts can make a website beautiful and legible.

2. Speed

The loading speed of the websites will matter more than ever now in 2017. With more and more people now accessing web pages from their mobiles, websites’ loading speed in mobiles will continue to be an impactful trend this year.

No matter how much attractive you make your WordPress website or how excellent the products and services that you sell, until and unless you’ll pay attention to the website loading speed; you’ll stay one step behind from tasting success.

Speed optimization is very important for your WordPress website.

See our free Super Speed eBook for step by step instructions on how to speed up your website.

3. Custom Photography

Photography has always played a crucial role when it comes to making your web designing more attractive.

But now in this year, it seems the use of custom photography will dominate the whole web designing world. There are plenty of factors that suggest that more and more designers and brands will prefer creating their own unique visuals by relying upon custom photography.

It’s not that the use of stock photography will go away, but custom photography will have an impression surely.

4. Unique Card Designs

The use of unique card designs has become very evident and all the credit go to various social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, Twitter etc.

Being one of the most flexible ways of properly dividing the content, quite a number of users are now choosing card designs or grid designs for displaying a huge amount of content in manageable sections.

Functioning perfectly with responsive and mobile-first mobile first web design patterns, and making the navigation a lot easier than before, the cards designs will be among one of the top web design trends in 2017 as well.

5. Videos

Along with photography, videos or animated images will get popular as well.

Capturing a significant position among the various trends of web designing, videos are here with a bang. Having the power of describing a narrative in a most effective and engaging way, the use of videos in various websites is rapidly increasing. So there’s no doubt that by including videos on your WordPress site, you can generate effective results.

Visual illustration makes a huge impact on readers and customers.

6. Scrolling Effects

Capturing all the information in one single page becoming the latest trend, the scrolling effects is on the rise of popularity. The scrolling not only has eliminated the necessity of clicking but also has made navigation on a web page a lot easier and much more exciting.

It is through utilizing this scrolling effect that more and more websites are also turning to visual storytelling which leads to making a greater impact on the audiences’ mind.

7. Illustrations

Being extremely flexible, friendly and playful, illustrations can be used on in various different places. The inclusion of illustration in a web designing grants a sense of uniqueness to it.

Websites and companies that are looking for a way to add authenticity and innovativeness to their business will rely on illustrations. You can even see a plethora of examples of such websites with an amazing use of illustrations already being there.

8. Encryption

Along with the various technological improvements, the hazards of online frauds and hacking are evident too. Gone are the days when online security such as encryption used to meant for the online e-commerce shops only.

With serious hacks on the rise, encryptions certificates like SSL are becoming a must for all kinds of websites, regardless of whether it’s an online shop or not. Just as it is necessary for sites that deal with sensitive information such as banks, abiding by the encryption rules will soon be a must for all other types of websites too.

Secure protocols will become the common way of browsing the web.

9. Flat Design

When flat design first came in the market, it immediately turned into one of the favorites of many web designers. Removing the needed and extra elements from the web world, the flat designs started to spread its effect everywhere.

Though the flat design craze suffered a minor drop in its popularity for a very brief period of time, in 2017 it’ll be there with full on strength, as the depth hat a flat design provides a website with have been rediscovered again.

10. Split/Centered Content

The split or the centered content is proving to be a perfect way for addressing all the various designing needs in one place. The use of split/ centered content not only helps to make the appearance of your WordPress site a lot more impressive; but also lets you present different designs on the same web page. Being effortlessly combinable with the various scrolling effects, this one will also be there on the list of top trends of web designing in 2017.

In fields like web designing that is evolving constantly; web designing trends tend to come and go. But one thing is for sure that irrespective of the trends that last, you are sure to get an online world that will be much more interactive, rich and beautiful than before. And by keeping in mind the possible web design trend that will impact the WordPress in 2017, you can increase the chances of the success of your WordPress website effectively.

Author Bio

Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

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  1. Cristian S. on January 14, 2018

    Hi Antonie,
    Amazing post my man, what are the top 5 fonts you would recommend for 2018? or all time best fonts?

  2. Webdesigner on December 4, 2017

    Hello Antonie,

    Thanks for the really helpful blog. Unfortunately, one does not find such good sites in Germany with the information as with you. I’ve been trying asl Webmanster for a couple of years now and keep learning.

    Thanks and best regards

  3. Melvin Figueroa on September 23, 2017

    Couldn’t have said it any better! These trends are huge right now. Thank you for the great blog post 🙂

  4. Mahdi M. on March 30, 2017

    Most of the trends promote usability, great content!


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