Why WordPress is the Best Platform for your Business Website

WordPress is a popular platform that is estimated to power nearly 30 percent of the websites in existence. While some may think that it is primarily used for blogging, WordPress has considerably evolved from its roots as a blogging platform. More businesses are choosing to use WordPress for their websites, and there a lot of benefits of doing so. If you want to know why WordPress is the best for running business websites, this guide gives you the know-how.

Great for non-techies

If the thought of adjusting your website code makes you freeze, then WordPress is the ideal platform for you. It allows you to make changes and adjust the look of your website, without the need to know any code, making it great for those who are not tech-minded.

You can add extra functions to your website using WordPress Plugins, such as adding a contact form, search functions, or even forums. It can all be installed on your website with just a click.

If in the future you wanted to hire someone to make deeper changes to your website, the code is easy to access and adjust. This makes WordPress great for businesses just starting out, who want a quality website but don’t have the time or money to hire a developer, and also good for businesses who want more control over their website development.

Responsive Websites

A responsive website is one that works across a broad range of devices, such as phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers. Many WordPress themes are designed to be responsive, and that means that you get a professional look for your website no matter what device visitors use. Having a responsive website means that you will get an engaged audience who are better equipped to use your business.


WordPress is great for business teams who need to work together. You can assign different levels of permission for staff members to access your website. You might have two or three admins who can make changes to the content while having a different level of access for a developer who is working on your website code.


Many of the biggest service brands are able to work with WordPress website. Financial services such as PayPal and Stripe, email automation services such as Mail Chimp, and much more all work while partnered with your website. This makes all those jobs that go along with running your business much simpler, and less time-consuming.

WordPress is a great platform for your business website, as it is powerful and easy to use. One of the other benefits of it is that it is free. All you need to pay for is your domain and your web hosting, and that can be sourced inexpensively. For start-ups, WordPress provides everything you need to get your website running in a short amount of time, while for more established businesses it gives the scope for your website to be as creative as you want it to be.

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