Why Your business Emails Are Not Getting Success!

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Emails are one of the most convincing and cost-effective ways to stay connected with business clients and partners around the world. It is important too know how to make an email interactive and informative for the clients. It will enable them to view and read content in the email clearly and easily.

Emails are a very efficient way of communicating and converting.

Apart from creating a useful email for your client, another important fact is to check that your email is reaching the client’s inbox or not. Many times, you design a good looking business email for the client and send it to him. But, often your email gets bounced back. It happens due to many reasons: technical issues, email format issues, content issues, oversize image issues and many more.

Let’s discuss a few prominent reasons why your emails are not getting success:

Non Convincing Subject Line


Users consider the subject line of the email specifically as the real context of the email. If the subject line of email is interesting and suits to the client’s business, he opens it and takes a look at it. But, if not, he ignores it or deletes it immediately.

It is necessary to take care of a subject line of the business email and it should be written short (30 to 40 characters) and catchy. The subject will help readers understand what the email is about before they open it.

Lacking In Personalizing The Email

Many people forget to personalize their email newsletters.

Personalization of email can be done in its subject line and content of the email. Try to do customized changes in both and make them influential for the client. This idea works well in diverting the client’s attention towards the email and inspires him to read it carefully.

By implementing your customized facts in email, you can give a kick to your email marketing campaign at some extent.

Use data of your readers inside emails to personalize it.

Non Formatted Email Content


Many times, you write emails for the client but due to its irregular format, client does not show interest to read it anymore. The lack of knowledge of email format can be the reason of its unsuccessful result.

An email format can be taken care of by managing its content’s font, length, size, and placement of content in the email body. By arranging all such formats of content in the email, you can make it more attractive and justified to understand by the reader.

Take Care of Email Sending Timing


Sending a business proposal email to your client anytime does not work, if he is not addressing it on time. However, you should be aware of your clients working hours, when they remain operational or be available for instant acknowledgment of your email. Thus, it can benefit you by sending emails on time to the client and increase chances to get revert for them as soon as possible.

It is important to send newsletters on the right day and time for it to be opened.

Due to above few reasons, you can get failure in the email marketing campaign and loose the potential clients as well. Try to remove those difficulties in the email and make it valuable for the client.


For success of your email marketing campaign, you need to pay attention to business email in many respects such as its content format, subject line, email sending timing, context of the email and many more. Keep all the facts in mind while drafting a business proposal email for the client and get the success for intended purpose. You can use the WordPress Newsletters Plugin to handle your subscriptions and make email marketing easy.

Author Bio:

Andrew Hudson is an email marketing expert at EmailChopper Company. He is suggesting vital tips on how to make an email marketing campaign successful by drafting attractive & informative business emails. Also, he loves writing articles and blogs on various email marketing topics and spreading awareness among businesses to get success through emails in the online marketing world.

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