Newsletters Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin release notes.


  • Remove the “Welcome to…” notice after updating, it is annoying
  • Show “System Email” under subscriber’s sent emails view
  • Rename folder procedure improvements
  • Bigger/higher editor when creating newsletter on autoresponder
  • Remove irrelevant LangSwitch plugin integration
  • Rename ‘bootstrap’ handle to ‘newsletters-bootstrap’ for style
  • Don’t force styles/scripts on Manage Subscriptions page
  • Change “Send Confirmation” to “Log In” on Manage Subscriptions auth


  • Attachments don’t stick when saving newsletter without lists/roles selected
  • Future scheduled newsletters not going out with no emails in queue
  • Newsletter used by autoresponder still shows draft status
  • “List/Role” column on emails sent not accurate
  • Not all delayed autoresponders sending correctly
  • Tabindex on subscribe form submit button
  • Tabindex on “Mailing List” select field in subscribe form
  • Newsletters > Subscribers table missing tfoot checkbox
  • Captcha Settings Missing under “System”
  • Default, styled newsletter template setting overwriting on update of plugin
  • Strip slashes from quotes, etc. in autoresponder subject
  • Database update message not always disappearing

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