Newsletters: SendGrid API


You can use SendGrid with the WordPress Newsletter plugin to send out bulk emails.


1. What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is an SMTP relay service which allows you to reliably and efficiently send bulk emails through their servers.

SendGrid gives you some free credits to use and you only need to pay if you want to use more than that.


2. Set up SendGrid with the Newsletter plugin


Go to Newsletters > Configuration: General Mail Settings and select API next to Mail Type.

Click on SendGrid and it will ask for your SendGrid API key. In step 3, I will show you where to get this API key.


3. Get a SendGrid API Key

  • Log in to your SendGrid account.
  • Go to Settings > API Keys.




  • Create a new API Key.




  • Copy and paste this API Key into our Tribulant Newsletter settings (Step 2).




After saving, you can now click on “Test Email Settings” and send an email to your own email address. If you’re able to send and receive that test email, then you have successfully set up the SendGrid API.

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