Newsletters 4.6.4 Release Notes

 WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.6.4 release notes


  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility
  • Offsite and Hardcode for subscribe forms
  • “Codes” section for each subscribe form
  • Use default WordPress languages/translation folder structure as an option
  • Change database charset to utf8mb4 and collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  • New post shortcode improvements and procedures
  • Make all [wpml…] shortcodes available as [newsletters_…] as well
  • Break large import CSV into smaller batches
  • Import very big lists of subscribers, new background import process
  • MailGun webhooks for events like click, open, bounce, etc.
  • Username/password authentication for Manage Subscriptions
  • Make live preview responsive
  • SendGrid event webhooks for bounces, spam, unsubscribes, etc. integration
  • Save/log preview emails as sent emails and also track stats on them
  • [newsletters_date time=””…] parameter for a time string eg. +1 day


  • Improved and simplified SMTP debugging
  • Update MobileDetect script/library to latest version
  • Make offsite code HTML more prominent
  • Use Emogrifier for faster, more accurate inline styles
  • Update the Amazon SES API to 0.8.8
  • Change is_email() to PHP filter_var() FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL
  • Include Subscriber Email to Bounced Notification
  • Change test attachment name, mail server doesn’t like word “mailinglist”
  • Change ‘messageid’ field on emails table to varchar for indexing
  • Add link tracking to wpmlpost_thumbnail shortcode in a newsletter
  • Set phpMailer SMTPAutoTLS to false
  • Make sure updating only runs once
  • Updated Welcome/About page
  • Improve Stats Overview Accuracy
  • Do not bypass serial key validation on localhost
  • Check for PHP 5.4+ upon activation
  • Make “Send as Newsletter” data hidden custom fields/meta on posts/pages
  • Remove auto unsubscribe link from “Send as Newsletter”
  • Remove safety measurement to prevent duplicate emails on preview email or a test list
  • Optimise performance of latest posts subscription queuing
  • Instant subscribe upon user registration
  • Remove InnoDB queue table, table locking and transactions
  • Single Ajax call for preview, spam score, save draft, etc. while creating newsletter
  • Save messageid values from sending APIs to emails
  • Prevent “Go to section” and “Save Settings” box from overlapping settings boxes
  • Remove Mandrill from plugin since it’s discontinued
  • Remove C:\fakepath\… from file uploads
  • File upload custom field for non-Flash users
  • Allow longer custom field titles
  • More accurate phpMailer error messages instead of SMTP Connect() failed


  • WordPress database error: [Column ‘subscriber_id’ in where clause is ambiguous]
  • Add new (existing) subscriber, remove all lists
  • AltBody empty for text subscriber/email
  • Amazon SES failed email blocks queue from sending
  • Sorting “Emails Sent” table on newsletter shows duplicate records
  • Can’t turn off “Notification to Subscribed Users”
  • Auto create lists during import creates multiple lists
  • Compatibility with All in one events calendar plugin
  • Search box disappears in some sections with no results found
  • Sort subscribers by “List(s)” column broken
  • Blank mailing lists under “Emails Sent” after subscriber unsubscribed
  • Cannot use emoji in subject and body of newsletter
  • No read more link with read more tag
  • Too many bounces record
  • Unlink post from newsletter link is broken
  • User clicks are showing as “None” under clicks section
  • Clicks total don’t match at table with filter
  • Pressing Enter key on preview email input saves draft
  • Stuck transient on email queue prevents sending of queued emails
  • WordPress User Import doesn`t trigger Confirmation
  • Create mailing list if it doesn`t exist during import
  • “Send Preview” not parsing all shortcodes and 3rd party shortcodes
  • Embedded images setting not saving in config settings
  • ANSII CSV format issue with import
  • Apostrophe in status message breaks bounces
  • read_date empty/null after update
  • “None” subscribers on clicks
  • Clicks not deleting
  • Autoresponder – Always send help typo
  • Amazon SES/SNS bounces not recording to individual newsletters
  • Post object overwrite thumbnail
  • Not all records (bounces, unsubscribes, etc.) are deleted when a history newsletter is deleted
  • “Clear” on history doesn’t remove emails, stats, etc.
  • Offsite code field names incorrect
  • File upload field in admin when saving subscriber doesn’t save
  • Mailing lists not removed from subscribers in admin when editing
  • “Add Mailing List” button removes current selection
  • Save subscriber “Select All” for mailing lists not working

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