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Newsletters > Custom Fields > Save a Custom Field

1. Title

This is the title of the field which you would like to insert. This can be called anything that you want it to be called. Depending on the information you require from your users, put an appropriate title in this box.

2. Slug/Nicename

This allows you to set the slug/name that is used to save to the database and for internal use in the plugin. You will see it is auto-filled as you type the title with the default but the field is editable and you can specify your own Slug/Nicename.

3. Caption/Description

You can add a small description to your custom field, this is displayed beneath the field in smaller writing in the customer side of your site. Use this may be for describing the field to the customer if it a difficult field or one prone to being filled in wrong.

4. Watermark

This is the text which populates the field on page load. It is greyed text and disappears once the field is clicked on. Useful for showing an example of what is meant to be in the field.

5. Required

Check the ‘yes’ box if the information that the user submits is required for this field. If the ‘no’ box is left checked, then this becomes an optional field for the user.

6. Error Message

This only becomes visible if the ‘yes’ box is ticked for number 2. The error message will be displayed to the user if he/she does not fill in the specified field.

7. Field Type

Choose a method that the user will use to input their information into this field. There are various types from just text input, to drop-downs, file upload field and so on.

8. Allowed File Types & File Size Limit

These 2 fields are only visible if you have selected “File Upload” for the “Field Type” option at number 7. They allow you to limit the file types which can be selected when using the field and limit the file size. Wen choosing a file to upload, the files which don’t conform to these 2 parameters are greyed out and not selectable.

9. Display

This is to specify whether this custom field is a global field or mailing list specific. Setting to “Always show” means that this field will be shown in the subscribe form regardless f which list(s) the subscriber has chosen. Setting to “Specific List(s)” requires you to select at least one mailing list from number 10.

10. Mailing Lists

This option is only visible if you select “Specific List(s)” for number 9. Select a box or boxes depending on which mailing list the new user will be added to. When you embed a subscription form for a specific mailing list on your site, the custom fields attached to it will display in the subscription form.

11. Save Custom Field

Once you are satisfied with all your modification, click this button to save the changes you have just made.

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