Newsletter 4.4.2 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.4.2 release notes.


  • Sent & Draft Emails section filters
  • Autoresponders section filters


  • Localize jQuery UI datepicker
  • CSS class ‘newsletters-tracking’ on tracking image tag
  • New CSS3 loading indicators
  • Change dashicons icon class from “icon-” to something else
  • Allow regular POST/GET on the API instead of just JSON
  • To run, reschedule and unschedule tasks, user needs “Scheduled Tasks” section permission/capability


  • Some untranslatable strings
  • Scheduled post send post as newsletter immediately and not on scheduled time
  • AUTO_INCREMENT for PRIMARY KEY of fieldslist table
  • Excerpt length/text settings ineffective when sending post as newsletter
  • Some Ajax calls when creating a newsletter locks server up
  • Editing a post and send it as newsletter, add “…revision…” to a link in the newsletter
  • Unsubscribe link vulnerable bug
  • Offside code not working with captcha turned on under System settings
  • “Update Automatically” button does nothing in lite version

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