Shopping Cart plugin v1.6 release notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6 release notes.


  • FedEx tracking code for orders.
  • Send comments to customer by editing order.
  • Switch between 2CheckOut single- or multi-page checkout.
  • Setting for images post ID in the configuration.
  • Manage product variations while editing a product.
  • Setting to show variations/fields on the PDF invoice.
  • ‘Payment Fields’ in configuration to configure shipping/billing fields.
  • Donation products with customer price input.
  • Product price per square meter on individual products.
  • [wpcocategories] shortcode “parentsonly” parameter. true/false
  • “Convert to PAGE” link on editing a product with a post assigned.
  • WordPress categories when saving a post for a product.
  • Turn On/Off showcase mode for products individually.
  • [wpcocategory] shortcode parameters to order sub-categories.
  • PayPal website payments Pro payment gateway.
  • Setting to set the default product type (tangible/digital) in configuration.
  • [wpcosuppliers] shortcode to display all suppliers.
  • Shop themes & custom CSS capability.
  • Unique XHTML ID attribute for each variation/field in the shop.
  • Shipping- and billing phone numbers on the invoice/order receipt.
  • Title/caption for the MoneyBookers payment gateway.


  • Logging in from the “Your Account” page redirected to Billing.
  • Remove qTranslate inputs for languages when saving product.
  • Passing of the phone number to 2CheckOut.
  • Additional product shipping didn’t calculate when using an API.
  • ‘Add to Cart Ajax’ works without the shopping cart widget now.
  • Empty shopping cart from widget and adding product again.
  • Not loading jQuery UI from Google Code anymore.
  • Link/chain button in the TinyMCE editor was broken.
  • Removed shop logo from several payment methods.
  • “Processing Order” page didn’t redirect on certain payment methods.
  • Post/page radio buttons when saving a product caused problems.
  • ‘Shop Categories’ sidebar widget didn’t sort correctly.
  • Problems with cropping of images throughout the plugin.
  • Post/Page creation issues when saving a new product.
  • Multiple quantity when adding to the basket in some cases.
  • Custom/manual payment method order total on confirmation page.
  • ‘Select All’ checkbox on FedEx services didn’t work.
  • Payment methods meta boxes were hidden.
  • State value wasn’t passed through to First Data payment gateway.
  • Global minimum shipping setting didn’t work when using an API.
  • Fixed a PHP short open tag in the Canada Post class.
  • Removed JS/Ajax from the states on the Shipping/Billing steps.
  • Ajax price updating with conditional prices calculated incorrectly.
  • Turn OFF user password preference as the default setting.
  • Stripslashes on the shopping cart page.
  • PayPal POST/REQUEST data fixes.
  • jQuery UI CSS was loading in the WordPress admin panel.


  • Canada Post ‘Ready to Ship’ setting when saving a product.
  • Use WP_PLUGIN_URL constant when enqueuing scripts and styles.
  • Change MySQL TEXT type to LONGTEXT in some database fields.
  • Virtual Merchant order total validation improvements.
  • Shop products search results have been improved.
  • Integrated Ogone Basic e-Commerce v2.2 hashing method.
  • Refresh on Shipping/Billing when changing the country to load states.
  • MoneyBookers quick checkout and keeps customers on your site.
  • order_id parameter to Google Checkout return URL.
  • Don’t use Ajax for “Empty Shopping Cart” link in widget with Ajax off.
  • Improved conditional pricing on product variation options.
  • All incoming requests to “cosuccess” marks the order as completed.
  • strtolower() on image extensions before trying to crop.
  • No more dynamic CSS loading, each theme has it’s own “style.css” file.
  • HTML code inside the caption/description of custom fields.


  • ‘Add to Cart Ajax’ turned off by default.
  • Do not update WordPress first- and last name from shipping/billing steps.
  • Removed “disabled” attribute from the “Continue” button on shipping/billing.

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