Checkout v1.6.7 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.7 release notes.


  • Post/page comments on each product.
  • iPay88 payment gateway (extension).
  • Amazon FPS payment gateway (extension).
  • USPS International V2 shipping API.
  • Class ‘productinfoholder’ DIV width setting.
  • Show totals and other info on the ‘Thank You’ page.
  • Stripe payment gateway (extension).
  • SecureTrading payment gateway (extension).
  • Option images for select drop down product variation.
  • New eWay AU payment gateway API.
  • APCO Limited payment gateway (extension).
  • Subject for order comments from the merchant.
  • Inventory/stock for each product variation option.
  • Turn on/off the scroll for the add to cart with Ajax.
  • Automatic updates/upgrades.
  • EU VAT Exemption (extension).
  • Edit variations/options on the ‘Save a Product’ screen.
  • Date picker custom field min/max date range.
  • Action hooks for developers.
  • Filter hooks for developers.
  • Turn on/off the loading of default scripts on the front-end.
  • Send custom/manual payment method to ‘Thank You’ page.
  • Test email settings utility.


  • Google Checkout L2 problem with no shipping.
  • TimThumb error reporting.
  • Credit card expiry year up to 2018 on payment methods.
  • SMTP password field is now password field type.
  • Show individual discount coupons used on orders.
  • Logging in as returning customer will keep current cart intact.
  • Remove ‘Order Items’ from the dashboard menu.
  • Configuration section tabs improvement.
  • VAT/Tax won’t show on invoice if it is 0%.
  • Change the_editor to the new wp_editor function.
  • PayPal Standard cancel/return URL link.
  • Warning message dialog when editing a product and leaving page.
  • Title/caption setting for Ogone payment method.
  • Colorbox upgrade to the latest version.
  • Improvements to the shopping cart widget detection.
  • Product count in the shop categories widget.
  • Minimum donate amount for donation products.


  • Virtual Merchant total needs tax included.
  • Database error ‘wpcofieldsorders’ doesn’t exist fixed.
  • Mandatory to choose a shipping service/rate on APIs.
  • Shopping cart widget checkout button blank.
  • Discount coupons export encoding problem fix.
  • Change ‘Styles’ to ‘Variations’ throughout the plugin.
  • Product tax override tax calculation problem.
  • Empty current cart after logging out from WordPress.
  • All plugins deactivate when you deactivate Checkout.
  • Tax exempt products count calculation problem.
  • PayPal Pro with discount coupons problem.
  • Ogone ‘Font Family’ styling setting broken.
  • Canada Post include file fatal error.
  • Supplier edit product bug, not able to see products.
  • Shopping cart widget not refreshing as products are added.
  • Incorrect tax on product unit price.
  • UPS rates file include fatal error.
  • Supplier order receipt logo not showing.
  • Discount/Tax & Shipping setting wording corrected.
  • Shipping quote will show errors for required fields now.
  • Calculation problem on global order options fixed.
  • Show tiered prices Incl Tax as well.
  • Universal message text area setting placement.
  • Fix to the way tiered prices on products are displayed.
  • Incl Tax calculation should not calculate on tax exempt products.
  • UPS weight measurement system bug fixed.
  • Post/page glitches on ‘Save a Product’ screen.
  • Missing tabber image reference in the code.
  • Zero tax shows in customer orders history screen.

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