Checkout 1.7 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.7 release notes.


  • WordPress Dashboard widget with chart and overview.
  • Export only ticked/checked orders.
  • PayPal Payments Advanced (extension).
  • reCAPTCHA for “New Customer” registration during checkout.
  • Regional shipping by country/state combinations.
  • Chart/graph date range and Years/Months/Days report.
  • Auto approve setting per supplier.
  • Virtual Merchant setting to capture card details on the site directly.
  • PayPal Pro Auth and Capture settings.
  • “Delete Product” link on the Save a Product page.
  • Sortable columns in all admin sections.
  • Add a handling/surcharge fee setting.
  • US Military addresses.
  • Currency or percentage setting per regional shipping rate.
  • Negative (-) prices for product variations and options.
  • New user notification for supplier login account.


  • Speed and performance improvements all round.
  • Improvements to the product copy/duplicate feature.
  • New WordPress 3.5+ metabox structure.
  • Transparent graph/chart while loading data instead of white.
  • TinyMCE editor on product additional content/descriptions.
  • Support for spaces in image filenames while importing products.
  • Overwrite product images when importing.
  • Change “Tax & Shipping” to “Calculations” tab.
  • PayPal HTTP 1.1 Update for IPN.
  • Replace msDropDown with ddSlick for drop down menu variations.
  • Remove Checkout > Product Content section from menu.
  • Remove Checkout > Product Images section from menu.
  • New links under Checkout > Support & Help section.
  • Changed all deprecated admin-functions.php includes.
  • Child themes support for the “checkout” child theme folder.


  • “Paid in Full” field on invoice was faulty.
  • Calculating… issue on products in the loop.
  • Category shortcode not showing products in some cases.
  • Discount coupon dropped upon checkout.
  • Products lose order when a category is saved.
  • Checkout > Configuration section right-hand sidebar doesn’t show in Firefox.
  • Currency symbol after the price setting not working.
  • Product page additional content tabs not working in Firefox.
  • Ajax empty cart from widget doesn’t add more products afterwards.
  • “Remove this option” on Save a Product screen not working.
  • Custom CSS ineffective due to a PHP warning at the top.
  • Delete coupon “No active order can be found” error message.
  • Export orders CSV shipped, paid, completed, etc columns incorrect.
  • Price tiers showing zero (0.00) in shopping cart.
  • Virtual Merchant ssl_country error due to country length of string.
  • Space below TinyMCE editor and other metaboxes disappeared.
  • Keywords remain on product after emptying the keywords field and saving.
  • Product variations bulk action results in out of stock on the product.
  • Realex Payments REDIRECT return URL change.

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