WordPress WHOIS plugin


The WordPress WHOIS plugin allows you to insert a tag into any WordPress post or page to generate a WHOIS search form for your users to get information on domain names with different TLDs. The plugin also supports sidebar widgets which will simply output Registered or Available depending on the domain status.


System Recommendations

  • WordPress 3.2 or higher
  • PHP 4.2 or higher
    • fsockopen() on port 43
  • MySQL 4 or higher



  1. Ensure that you have WordPress installed.
  2. Either upload it to your WordPress > Plugins > Add New section for a quick installation and skip to step 5 or extract the WHOIS package.
  3. Rename the wordpress-whois-search folder to wp-whois.
  4. Upload the wp-whois folder to the wp-content/plugins directory.
  5. Activate the WHOIS plugin from the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  6. Go to Tools > WHOIS to configure the WHOIS plugin.


Quick Start Guide


  • Go to ‘Plugins’ in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WHOIS plugin and click the ‘Activate’ link.


  • The menu, under ‘Tools‘ the item ‘WHOIS’ will appear.
  • Go to Tools > WHOIS.
  • Read carefully through the settings and select the options that suit you.
  • Click Save Configuration.


Sidebar Widget

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Drag and drop the WHOIS into your sidebar.
  • A drop down will open up for the plugin.
  • Type in a title i.e. WHOIS
  • Click Save

Post/Page Embedding

  • To make the plugin appear on a post or page simply use a shortcode in the appropriate place.
  • Add/edit a post page as normal.
  • Type [whois]
  • Publish/Update the post or page.

That’s it you are done!




Release Notes

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