4 Marketing Strategies For Dental Clinics

Dental service was already considered a very competitive industry, and it becomes even tighter with the current pandemic crisis that the world is experiencing today. That’s why businesses, including dental clinics, are accelerating their digital marketing strategies to gain more clients and sales. If you notice a decline in the number of your clients, it’s high time to revamp your marketing strategies.


Check out the following marketing strategies recommended for dental clinics today:


  1. Optimize Google My Business

Game of SERPs explains the importance of advanced dental marketing strategies, which include optimizing Google My Business. It’s Google’s business listing and beyond, driving customer engagement at a higher level.

Optimizing your Google My Business enables you to:

  • Connect with your customers using different communication methods, such as phone calls, email, chat support, as well as via Google Search and Google Maps.
  • Build the credibility and authority of your business profile to gain more clients for your dental clinic.
  • Post photos and description of your dental clinic and why it stands out from the rest.
  • Audit how clients interact with your business through the number of online bookings, clicks, directory searches, and more.


  1. Dental Marketing Post and Podcast

Dental marketing may include online or offline strategies, and you must find the right combination of marketing tactics to attain success. When it comes to dental marketing post and podcast, there are key elements that you need to focus on, including the following:

  • Keyword Research: It involves knowing the best primary keywords to use based on understanding patient intent every time they try to search dental services or solutions in search engines.

Using a keyword research tool is a fast way of finding relevant keywords and optimize your content for better search engine results pages (SERP) ranking.

  • Competitive Analysis: When it comes to an online marketing campaign, this method can be done by analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles to determine their strengths and opportunities.

Also, the competitive analysis includes understanding what primary keywords that high-performing dental clinics used on their website in an attempt to match or beat them.

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO involves creating and optimizing well-crafted web content using appropriate keyword research and backlinks.
  • Survey: It’s crucial to carry out surveys, whether online or offline, to get the pulse of your target audience and better improve your dental marketing campaigns.
  • Podcasting: With podcasting, you can help build brand recognition, trust, and authority among your intended audience for your dental services. People get to listen to your podcast (audio file), which offers an excellent opportunity for engagement.

While blogs provoke thought, podcasting, like sharing your expertise through an audio interview, inspires conversation.


  1. Good Graphic Dental Clinic Design Is Essential to Your Brand Recognition

Keeping your marketing message on an easy-to-understand and clearly-written signage platform will help with your branding. Dental clinic signage should also have an appealing graphic design to catch the attention of potential walk-in clients. Branding using graphic design will help shape the delivery of the message, allowing you to positively connect with potential clients.

Here are some tips to promote brand recognition through your store signage:

  • Signage comes in smaller sizes, so choose noticeable colors. For instance, one can spot red instantly. As a tip, learn color psychology when designing your clinic signage.
  • Make your signage readable. Viewers can easily read your signage from a distance if it has a contrasting effect. A signage color that’s a little dim or weak can be strengthened by creating some shadow or drawing an outline around the lettering. Also, try to create a contrast by drawing a thick border around the text, and using tabletop sign holders to attract your customers attention.


  1. Use a Project Management Solution

Even service businesses, like dental clinics, should consider using project management solutions to communicate, collaborate, and carry out marketing campaigns seamlessly and successfully.

These project management solutions are apps or software that can help you with the following:

  • Track employee hours (start and end time, shifting schedules, total hours worked per day, week, or month).
  • Calendar and schedule creation using helpful tabs, cells, and sheets.
  • Track orders and inventory management without losing files, such as Google Sheets.
  • It is ideal for client-focused service businesses. You’ll find project management features for different business operations, such as project budgeting, invoicing, expense tracking, and resource allocation.



There’s no secret formula to a successful marketing campaign for dental clinics. However, following some tips shared above can help you kickstart your dental marketing campaign.

Optimizing your Google My Business, revamping your digital marketing campaign, implementing a good graphic design, and using project management solutions can help you attain your business goals.

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  1. Robert Keller on July 24, 2020

    I agree. Nowadays, because of the unexpected change in our society, dental services became a very challenging industry. Setting new goals and implement new strategies to introduce what business can offer would be very demanding. Despite many changes, the good thing is there are social media. It helps businesses to be visible online and to meet the audience where possible sites they visited. In this way, we can easily attract an audience and know what would be the services that they need aside from the usual product offered. SEO can be very helpful as well, it can help to improve the health of the site and make sure that the site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. By this, we can convert traffic into customers. I got a lot from this article. Thank you for sharing!


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