January 2013 Newsletter

Well, 2013 is in full swing and we all hit the ground running (well we here did anyway) after coming back down to earth from the Festive Season. And we’re all still around! Come now – don’t pretend you weren’t in the least bit intrigued by the “End of the World” saga… ๐Ÿ™‚

So anyway we’re glad to be here, since we have a couple of system and policy improvements to tell you about, and a few shiny new extension plugins – so new in fact, we’re still playing with the bubble wrap!

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Download Subscription Renewals/Extension System Improved

For your convenience we made some really nifty improvements to our Download Subscription Renewals & Extensions system:

Recurring Renewals Enhanced

In the past recurring renewals were available only on a 3 month interval. Now customers may select 3, 6, 12 or 24 months for recurring renewals/extensions. You might want to renew automatically every year, for instance, and now it’s possible!

Why on earth would you want to have recurring renewals anyway? Do yourself a favour and read the section “To Renew or Not to Renew…” further down.

PayPal for Recurring Renewals

In our previous newsletter we mentioned that PayPal had been integrated as a payment method for purchasing plugins and for manual download subscription renewals/extensions.

The PayPal integration has now been improved to include recurring subscriptions as well, so all PayPal users can now renew/extend with a subscription.

New Plugin Releases

Virtual Card Services Extension Plugin

Checkout - Virtual Card Services

This brand new extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is exclusively for South African merchants.

The Virtual Card Services extension plugin creates a Virtual Card services payment method in your Shopping Cart plugin on your website, allowing you to easily and conveniently receive online credit card payments from South African customers.

Customers are redirected during their checkout process from your site to a secure payment page at Virtual Card Services to make payment, and back to your website for completion of their transaction.

You can view and purchase the Virtual Card Services extension plugin here.

Newsletters Subscribers Extension Plugin

This is an extremely handy new extension plugin for our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin that forms a bridge between the Shopping Cart plugin and the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

The Newsletters Subscribers extension plugin places a checkbox in the checkout process of the Shopping Cart plugin that allows customers to select whether or not to subscribe to a newsletter mailing list hosted by the Newsletter plugin. The checkbox can be pre-checked to increase the subscription rate, or presented unchecked.

If you are a user of both the Shopping Cart plugin and Newsletter plugin, this extension plugin is a must-have. Check it out here!

Total MS Control Extension Plugin

Newsletters - Total MS Control Extension Plugin

The Total MS Control extension plugin provides WordPress Multisite administrators/webmasters with an innovative way of exercising fine-grain control over the activation/deactivation, serial key activation and limitations of use of the WordPress Newsletter plugin for all or individual sites in the network.

The Total MS Control Extension plugin offers the following main features:

  • Activate/deactivate the Newsletter plugin on blogs/sites.
  • Submit serial keys and remove them on blogs/sites.
  • Submit a global serial key to enable the plugin on all sites immediately.
  • Set a total subscriber limit per blog/site.
  • Set a total mailing list limit per blog/site.
  • Set the total allowed emails which may be sent in a specific period of time.

The administrators of individual sites in the network can follow the progress in terms of limitations imposed with regards to total subscribers, mailing lists and email sending (if such limitations had been set) via a widget in the right column on the Newsletter plugin’s “Overview” page. Should any or all of the limits be reached, the administrator is notified thereof in his WordPress dashboard.

The Total MS Control extension plugin can be purchased here.

New Refund Policy

We recently instituted a new refund policy on sales of our plugins. In the past our policy was to give a credit refund only, subject to conditions, if claimed within 7 days of purchase. This meant that we would apply a credit to a claimant’s Tribulant Software account, which he could use towards purchasing other products and/or towards his download subscription extensions/renewals.

Our policy has now been changed to include cash refunds, subject to conditions, if claimed within 7 days of purchase. This policy is not enforceable retroactively where customers had previously claimed under the old refund policy.

To Renew or Not to Renew…

We find that many of our customers still grumble and complain about this issue, not understanding why we have a download subscription system in place.

If you are in that boat, please read this article from our October 2012 newsletter for a clear and concise explanation as to why the download subscription system is vital and for your own good.

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