Hosting Stats & Facts for 2016


Let’s have a look at the latest internet, e-commerce and hosting stats & facts for 2016. This infographic prepared by Hosting Facts, includes the most important facts and statistics covering the entire globe.

Internet Statistics 2016


  1. There are 3.26 billion internet users as at December 2015; that’s over 40% of the world population.
  2. China has the highest number of internet users (640 million)
  3. Digital interactions influences retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015
  4. Facebook has 1.55 billion active users
  5. 2.9 billion google searches are made every day
  6. 2.7 million blog posts are published every day

Domain Name Statistics


  1. .com is the world’s number one domain extension
  2. There are over 123.78 million registered .com domain names
  3. The .com TLD accounts for 50% of all registered domain names
  4. There are a total of 1096 TLD’s
  5. The most expensive domain name ever sold is for $35.6 million in 2010

Hosting / Website Statistics & Factshosting-facts-infographic-768x5449

  1. First website was published in August 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee
  2. WordPress is responsible for 76.5 million blogs
  3. 37 000 websites are hacked every day
  4. Google is the world’s biggest website, followed by Facebook and Youtube
  5. There are over 966 million websites in the world today
  6. WordPress is the most popular CMS
  7. The highest number of websites to ever exist was 1 billion (record was achieved in September 2014)
  8. 56% internet traffic comes from robots, spammers & scrapers
  9. 44% internet traffic is human

E-Commerce & Conversion Statistics


  1. 7% of a one second delay in site loading time will lead to loss in conversion
  2. 40% of people will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load
  3. 51% of US online shoppers abandon a purchase because of a slow website
  4. 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels before making a purchase
  5. 97% of users abandon mobile shopping carts, compared to around 70-75% for desktop users
  6. More than 1 billion people have bought products online
  7. The US e-commerce economy is worth $349 billion
  8. China’s e-commerce economy is worth $562.66 billion
  9. Slow loading sites cost the US e-commerce market more than $500 billion annually
  10. 8/10 consumers will shop online if free shipping is available
  11. Internet visits from desktop lead to more sales than visits from other devices
  12. Increasing your website speed from 8 to 2 seconds can increase your conversion rate by 74%

Mobile Internet Statistics & Facts


  1. 48% of mobile users start their search on search engines
  2. Google now uses mobile compatibility as a ranking factor
  3. 4/5 consumers use a smart-phone to shop
  4. 70% of mobile searches result in an online action within an hour of the search being conducted
  5. 50% of mobile users will abandon a web page if it takes more than 10 seconds  to load, 60% won’t return to the site
  6. There are 52.7% more mobile users worldwide than desktop users
  7. 75.1% of US internet users access the internet through a mobile device
  8. In 2015, mobile influenced retail sales to the tune of $1 trillion

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  1. Yuki on December 31, 2016

    Those are some fascinating statistics. I wasn’t aware that there are now more mobile browsers than desktop browsers in the world. That’s very surprising, since I exclusively use my desktop/laptop to browse.


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