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8 Things to Look for When Choosing a Web Hosting Company for Your WordPress Site

Picking between hosting providers is impossible if you don’t know what features separate the top operators from the second-best options. To prevent you pulling your hair out or being paralyzed by indecision, we’ll talk you through what you need to be on the lookout for as you weigh up web hosting packages.   The cost […]

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6 Cloud Security Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

There were still numerous businesses and organizations which insisted on sticking to their data centers and physical network infrastructures. Many of them resisted the proposals to move their network to the clouds. Some were suspicious about whether it was possible to defend something which was just up there in the clouds, unlike their physical servers […]

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Wix vs WordPress: Key Differences Between the Two

Whether you have recently started a business or you are creating a website for your established company, there are many decisions for you to make. First, you will need to decide which website builder to use. Two common choices include Wix and WordPress, which we will be examining in detail in the text below.   […]

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How to Increase the Speed of Your Website?

With the latest algorithm changes in search engines, it has become important to focus on the website’s speed. If the website takes more time to load, the overall bounce rate will increase and it will hamper the overall business. Regardless of your business size and industry, website speed plays a crucial role in improving a […]

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How to Secure Your AWS Environment

AWS is a cloud-computing service provided by Amazon. Organizations can use an AWS environment to perform a wide range of tasks, from simple data storage to complex artificial intelligence applications. If you’re planning on using an AWS environment, it’s important to protect it against outside threats. Amazon does quite a bit to protect those using […]

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Differences Between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting

These days it’s hard to imagine a successful business without a website. Not just large organizations but even small local companies are launching websites nowadays. And why shouldn’t they? With billions of people accessing the internet, sales and purchases have rapidly shifted to online methods. In the online world, your website is the face and […]

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SiteLock vs Wordfence

The emergence of hacking goes back to the time of the emergence of websites. The positives and negatives of the internet world walk hand-in-hand making website protection necessary for everyone. But with dozens of security options available in the market, how do you choose the best one for your website? I’m here examining the differences […]

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How to Stop and Prevent DDoS Attacks on Your Website

As the world digitizes at unprecedented speeds, so too have cybercriminals stepped up their activities. 2020 was a year of increased Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, not just in volume, but complexity as well. If your website is hit by a DDoS attack, do you know what to do? However, while knowing how to […]

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How to Secure and Optimize Your WordPress Site with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the best content delivery networks (CDN) and security services available in the market. The best thing about Cloudflare is that it is free! When you connect your WordPress website with Cloudflare you can boost the site speed with CDN, secure it with SSL and bot protection, and use some other features […]

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Golden Rules of Choosing a Fast & Secure CDN for Your Business

A CDN, or content delivery network, ensures a fast content delivery to end-users, which is extremely important, especially if we take into account that web pages continuously grow in size. According to HTTP Archive, the average size of all resources requested by a website in 2010. was just around 500 kB, while in January, 2021 […]

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