Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress

 Get the new Invisible reCAPTCHA for your WordPress website as a security measurement.

Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress

reCAPTCHA is a utility which acts as a security measurement on websites to prevent bots and spammers. Users will be promoted to verify that they are not a bot by making a selection therefore allowing them to continue.

Install reCAPTCHA on WordPress

We previously wrote a very useful blog post Protect WordPress with Google reCAPTCHA.

Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress

That article is still relevant except that a newer reCAPTCHA is available so we want to recommend a new plugin which will provide you with the invisible Google reCAPTCHA. The plugin is simply called Invisible reCAPTCHA and it is a free plugin.

Once you’ve installed it you can fill in your site key and secret key. Then enable the captcha on your login form, registration form, comment form and password reset form. This will secure your WordPress forms from bots and hackers submitting them using brute force attacks.

Get Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin

WordPress reCAPTCHA really does secure your website from attacks.

Previous reCAPTCHA

Google owns reCAPTCHA and previously launched the “I’m not a robot” captcha which looked like this:


It worked very well but they have now improved it even further!

Introducing Invisible reCAPTCHA

The newest version of the captcha is now completely invisible and it works great!

Users will only be asked to make a selection on a grid of images if the Google Invisible reCAPTCHA cannot determine that the user is not a bot. Your forms will be much less obtrusive. The captcha may not display every time or to every user and as a result it is much more user-friendly overall.

Invisible reCAPTCHA won’t show the “I’m not a robot” at all unless – based on it’s internal calculations – it suspects you may be a bot or spammer. It will then have a popup that asks you to select a series of images or a correct image in a grid or fill in a string of alphanumerics to verify. This happens very seldom but it does happen just so that reCAPTCHA can be sure.

Enjoy it and feel free to comment and share your experience with it.

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