Newsletters v3.9.9 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.9 release notes.


  • Contact Form 7 integration (extension)
  • DKIM signature for outgoing emails
  • Universal confirmation email for multiple lists
  • Unsubscribe from all link via shortcode [wpmlunsubscribeall]
  • Mailing list(s) as special, editable custom field
  • Require activation/confirmation for importing subscribers
  • From Name/Address per newsletter/email
  • URLs list at the bottom of TEXT emails when using multi-part
  • Encoding setting to set the encoding of outgoing emails
  • Preview iframe under Newsletters > Create Newsletter
  • New user notification when registering a subscriber as a user
  • Auto conversion of theme CSS to inline styles when saving theme
  • Bounce statistics per sent email/newsletter
  • Errors in the email queue section for failed emails
  • Record/save unsubscribe data globally and per newsletter
  • Editable templates for posts and latest posts
  • Years/months/days options in the statistics chart of Overview
  • Date range (from/to) for the statistics chart of Overview
  • WordPress dashboard widget with newsletters overview
  • Really Simple Captcha plugin settings/configuration for subscribe forms
  • Excerpt length and read more settings/configuration
  • Link/click tracking globally, per newsletter and per subscriber


  • Better unsubscribe options
  • Choose email to send Preview to under Newsletters > Create Newsletter
  • Show private lists on the unsubscribe page
  • Autoresponders to send X days from now
  • Call Javascript in external file where possible
  • Date picker custom field to have dates before 1950
  • Activate all subscribers button for each mailing list
  • Add parameter to excerpt shortcode to limit the number of words
  • Make HR tags in post templates invisible
  • Parameters for shortcode and hardcoded subscribe forms
  • Load jQuery UI core and widget Javascript
  • Remove Javascript dialogs/alerts/notifications and display in page
  • Trim left/right spaces from email address before saving
  • Change all static instances of “wp-content” to dynamic
  • qTranslate support for email templates/snippets
  • Change CSS selector for borders
  • Prevent blank spaces at the end of the CSV file to break the import
  • phpMailer upgrade for PHP 5/6
  • Match plugin date/time with the WordPress date/timezone
  • Shortcode to display unsubscribe URL only [wpmlunsubscribeurl]
  • Secure the subscribers CSV export folder/directory
  • Remove custom RAW shortcode definition
  • Convert all emails to lowercase before saving
  • TinyMCE editor for email templates/snippets
  • Remove X-MileOLE email header on all emails
  • Subject and message fields for the “Test Email Settings” utility
  • Remove Gmail SMTP setting and use the same SMTP for all SMTP
  • Improvements to 2CheckOut (2CO) for paid subscriptions
  • Add “Configure Email Scheduling” button under email queue section
  • TimThumb turn off ALLOW_ALL_EXTERNAL_SITES for security
  • Move “Server Type” setting to the “Bounce Configuration” section
  • Parse all shortcodes in history and preview emails like regular emails
  • “Emails” link for each Autoresponder under Newsletters > Autoresponders
  • Improvements to PayPal for paid subscriptions
  • Auto authenticate/validate the [wpmlmanage] shortcode link
  • Rename “Email Templates” to “Email Snippets” throughout the plugin
  • Move “Email Templates” under Create Newsletter to “Insert into Newsletter” box
  • Remember the last selected tab under Manage Subscriptions section
  • Sortable columns/fields in all sections of the admin panel
  • Moved emails sent above the preview when viewing a history email
  • Updated “Support & Help” section links
  • Improved “Recent Emails” design under Overview
  • Improved error messages for ajax sending/queuing of emails
  • Remove subscriber, list, etc. requirements when viewing an online email
  • New Iris Color picker integration into the plugin
  • User-friendly image/icon for certain shortcodes when inserting into newsletter
  • IP address column in the CSV export of subscribers
  • Improve sending from the queue procedure
  • “Select All” checkbox for inserting posts into newsletter
  • Changed “History/Draft Emails” to “Sent & Draft Emails”
  • Implement the WordPress Widget API for subscribe forms
  • Really Simple Captcha plugin cleanup schedule and settings
  • Show private lists under auto import WordPress users settings
  • Move “Newsletters” menu up to Objects below posts, comments, etc.
  • Change “Post Publishing Configuration” to “Posts Configuration”


  • Shortcodes didn’t work in the text part of multi-part emails
  • Register subscribers as users problem
  • Change all instances of the Order object to prevent conflicts with other plugins
  • Subscription form fields disappear with no list selected
  • Configuration right sidebar doesn’t show in Firefox
  • Emails from newsletters RSS feed is not viewable online
  • Multiple manage subscriptions pages being created due to W3 Total Cache
  • Delete all associations when a sent/history email is deleted
  • user_id is not saving to subscriber when adding a registered email
  • Subscription Orders section bulk actions were faulty
  • qTranslate and widgets was breaking the Appearance > Widgets section
  • Couldn’t edit groups, could only create new ones
  • CGI bounce piping fixed
  • Newsletter history/archive “Subscriber cannot be read” error fixed

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