Newsletters: Insert Posts with TinyMCE

Insert One or Multiple Post(s) in a Newsletter

Insert One or Multiple Post(s) in a Newsletter
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Insert One or Multiple Post(s) in a Newsletter

In the WordPress Newsletter plugin the ability to quickly and easily select a post/posts and insert the shortcode into your newsletter.

If you would like to do this, here is how to go about it:

1. Envelope Button

To open the ‘Newsletter Functions’ screen as you can see in the image, simply click the Envelope Button visible to the far right of your TinyMCE (you can see it in the image just above [1]). Please note that the envelope is not visible if you are in HTML view, you need to be in visual view for this to work. Once you have clicked the envelope please wait for it to open the screen.

2. Configure and Insert

To begin configuring, you need to select the WP Posts tab near the top of the ‘Newsletter Function’ page. The dialog provides you with all the options available so you can just select the releavnt info that should go into the newsletter. Fill out all the fields, choosing a single post or multiple posts, change the order and select the relevant Post Catagories. Once you are happy with your configuration, simply click the ‘Insert’ button to close the page.

3. Shortcode is Added

You should notice that there is a new shortcode that has been added to the text editor box. You will see that the shortcode will vary depending on your configuration in the Newsletter Functions. Please play around with this and fimiliarize yourself as this could save you a lot of time and effort in future.

The post(s) will be displayed with a title, post date and excerpt (with read more link) in the email as your subscribers will receive it.

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