Newsletters 4.0 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.0 release notes.


  • Subscribers date range (from/to) when sending/queuing.
  • Auto recurring newsletters with options.
  • Latest Posts Subscription preview frame.
  • Reminder and deletion of inactive subscribers settings.
  • reCAPTCHA security image for subscribe forms.
  • iFrame alternative for the offsite form HTML.
  • Specify the TEXT version of multipart/multi-mime emails.
  • Text fields conditions when creating a newsletter.
  • Autofill email address field from query string (email).
  • Post types for the “Publish as Post” feature.
  • Duplicate/copy newsletters.
  • Default theme for sending and system separately.
  • Honeypot spam prevention mechanism.
  • Total Control for single sites (extension)
  • WP eMember integration (extension)
  • s2Member integration (extension)
  • Autoresponder delay intervals (hours/days/weeks/months/years).
  • Check/optimize database link under configuration.
  • Fields conditions any/all scope when creating newsletter.


  • User meta for Auto Import WordPress Users feature.
  • Multiple mailing lists for the registration form subscribe checkbox.
  • Remove conditions for fields from subscribers in admin.
  • Cron schedule improvement to prevent duplicate emails.
  • Add CSS class to subscribe form field containers.
  • Add more details to the CSV export file.
  • Use SMTPKeepAlive for phpMailer for faster sending.
  • Change get_bloginfo(‘home’) to home_url() throughout.
  • Improvements to uploads paths for Windows/IIS.
  • More qTranslate settings, strings and options.
  • Improved Auto Import WordPress Users code and procedure.
  • Theme My Login user moderation compliance.
  • Keep “Newsletters” menu open for the relevant sections.
  • Publish post/page when draft is saved, not only on sending/queuing.
  • Faster Ajax calls throughout the plugin.


  • Permissions deprecated function fix.
  • Ajax CSV export doesn’t include custom fields.
  • Permissions reset with upgrade upon deactivation/reactivation.
  • Expiration notifications to active paid subscriptions only.
  • “senddate” and “scheduled” fields weren’t added to the database.
  • Permissions section wasn’t showing for multi-site user.
  • View online link “Authentication failed…” error message.
  • Chart/graph was broken due to some 3rd party plugins.
  • Javascript errors in TinyMCE
  • Chart/graph wasn’t loading in overview section.
  • Posts email template used incorrect qTranslate language.
  • Some parameters for [wpmlpost…] shortcodes didn’t work.
  • Remove autoresponder emails waiting when someone unsubscribes from list.
  • Spacing below the TinyMCE editor in WordPress 3.6
  • Multiple “Enter email subject” drafts created.
  • Preview HTML formatting lost in Internet Explorer (IE).

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