Newsletters 4.4.7 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin version 4.4.7 release notes.


  • Bar chart/graph for each individual newsletter sent
  • New pie/doughnut charts for read/unsubscribe/bounce/etc
  • ‘thumbnail_…’ attributes for posts shortcodes
  • [newsletters_online_url] shortcode for URL only
  • Template IMG SRC prepend URL setting
  • More filter/action hooks
  • Manage subscriptions setting to choose between cookie/session


  • Thumbnail/image size, align and hspace in TinyMCE editor icon/button
  • New dashboard widget design
  • New HTML5 chart library integration for pie, bar, line, etc charts
  • Use get_avatar() function for subscribers pictures
  • Log Mandrill bounce deferral
  • Prevent plugin files in Google index
  • Remove personal information from links like unsubscribe URL
  • Google reCAPTCHA API update
  • Bounce status saved for POP, Mandrill and Amazon SNS
  • ‘align’ and ‘hspace’ parameters for ‘wpmlpost_thumbnail’ shortcode


  • Javascript errors on editor button with no custom post types
  • Sent/Draft filter not working in newsletters history
  • Custom fields regex escaping slashes are stripped
  • Confirmation email still sends on single opt-in mailing list
  • “Subscription is invalid” error message
  • Autoresponders not logging when double opt-in is turned off on mailing list
  • “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect “
  • History emails filters don’t stick on paging
  • History shortcode content being escaped. Do stripslashes
  • Admin widget language tabs not working on first load

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