Newsletters 4.5.3 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin version 4.5.3 release notes.


  • Javascript search under Newsletters > Extensions section
  • Rename ‘newsletter’ custom post type slug
  • Import subscribers date from CSV
  • IP Address on subscribers CSV import
  • Filter subscribers export fields/columns
  • Use newsletter template for WordPress system emails
  • Send to Friend (extension)


  • Separate jQuery UI CSS with unique CSS selectors and class names
  • Show lists and roles for newsletter email sent
  • Prevent false read/opened newsletter tracking
  • Apply $ = jQuery.noConflict() for plugin/theme conflicts
  • Class attributes on all generated links for CSS styling
  • Added Send to Friend to the extensions section
  • Load minimal editor under System Emails tab for performance
  • Edit/view links for newsletter on “Save an Autoresponder” page
  • Review automatic inline styler if a connection isn’t made
  • Only load scripts and styles where needed
  • Improve deletion of queued emails to prevent duplicates


  • Possible duplicates with Ajax sending/queuing
  • Encoding issues with HTML offsite code and other areas
  • Subscribers CSV export “IP Address” column values in wrong place
  • Sending preview gives Forbidden/404 Not Found due to email in URL
  • Do flush_rewrite_rules() for new custom post type
  • Custom fields options order not saving
  • Cannot add new custom fields options on some setups

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