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Use customer data and analytics to drive more sales online

Intro-  customer data, analytics can give you insights into customer behavior and understand what drives a sale. Ask any brand and they will happily exclaim that maximum sales is their ultimate goal. But you, a brand or an online business, can’t expect to thrive unless you understand whether your website, social media pages, online advertisements […]

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Small Business Digital Marketing: 4 Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Do you dream of looking at your site analytics and seeing a big upturn in traffic? It doesn’t have to just be a dream! The average marketing spending of companies is around 7-12% of revenue, which is a sizeable chunk to spend, so it’s clear that there is value in it. But where do you […]

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Grow Your Online Business with Precise Marketing Strategies

Online businesses have a lot of potential. It is because of their main base of operations: the internet. With online access, people all over the world can buy from you. So the possible growth of your business can now be international instead of local. However, the challenge is how to encourage the expansion of your […]

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9 Practical Tips And Strategies For A Successful Social Media Lead Generation

In today’s business world, the best places to market and find leads are shifting away from the traditional channels. As people become more digitally conscious, social media has proven to be a powerful arena where you can attain your biggest growth. Statistics say that over half of the world’s population (58.4%) now uses social media, […]

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PPC & SEO: Friends or Foes

In the online business world, mastering your marketing game is the name of the game. However, since the online realm is constantly changing, and the marketing strategies that brought results one month may fail to do so the next, digital marketers need to stay alert. That is one of the reasons why businesses need to […]

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Social Media Marketing on a Tight Budget

Social media marketing is among the popular mediums of eComm today, particularly for the younger generations. Aside from publishing the content that they’re passionate about, they also have the opportunity to gain profits from their hobbies. However, it’s easier said than done. The industry possesses several challenges, and the most prominent factor is budget. In […]

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Social Media Marketing Tips to Bring Your Business Up to the Next Level

There is no doubt that social media is now dominating the world in a big way – and this certainly includes the world of marketing. The ability to target customers in a way that you could never have done before is certainly one that is highly appealing in all sorts of different ways. However, this […]

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5 Types of Videos to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re allowed to choose a single method of marketing, what would that be? We know what 80% of all marketers feel. For the majority, content creation and marketing is at top of their priority list. The fact is also reflected in their marketing budget, with 26% of their budget allotted to content marketing alone. […]

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4 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Financial Services

Today, most people require a lot of cash for different reasons. Some need money to boost their businesses, while others want to finance their education and personal needs. For that reason, most of these people consider applying for loans to help finance their dreams. Due to the large number of people applying for loans, most […]

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5 SaaS Email Marketing Examples for 2022

Email marketing has taken over the SaaS space, and companies are now jostling to secure a spot in customers’ inboxes. To be one of the few whose emails get opened, you need to learn the necessary email marketing optimization techniques. Companies using these techniques are ahead of others in terms of email marketing. We will […]

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